Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Getting Started – What’s Stopping You?

It’s amazing what crap people will spout when they really have no idea about anything.

When we told people we were planning to drive around the world in an old Land Rover, a number of them said, "Oh, but what if something happens to you." I mean, like duh, of course I hoped something would happen. Preferably something a hell of a lot more interesting than just going shopping every weekend, or to the Gold Coast (in Australia) for one week in winter.

And, then there were those who worried about my superannuation. Good of them to worry for me, I suppose. I accept that I was on the "wrong side" of forty, but I wasn’t about to retire gracefully into the nearest rocking chair, counting out my dollar notes. So, I would ask these "doomsayers" in return about their own superannuation. But they weren’t doing a thing about it, even though they weren’t even considering a wild adventure, either. There they were, all anxious about my financial future, with nary a thought about their own.

In their favour I suppose was that they didn’t think, "something would happen to me" or that I wouldn’t be around long enough to enjoy the superannuation. However, the most amazing thing about these superannuation "worry worts" is that they could not conceive that I could plan for an adventure and that I already had funds set aside for my retirement. It’s tragic that many people settle for far less that what is possible.

However, overall, people were just wonderful. They wanted to know all about the expedition, how they could help and they looked at me with shining eyes and awe. Many said, "I’ve always wanted to do that." They helped me to really believe I could do it.

And, I did, you see. I really believed I could, because I had a goal that said I would. That’s where having a goal makes a difference on whether you just think about something, even if only superannuation, and whether you actually did it.

As Paul J Meyer, the goal-setting guru said, "What the mind can conceive, the mind will believe". If you really want something in life, then set a goal, make a plan and go for it. Doesn’t matter how at that point. That all comes later. Setting a goal is the really easy bit.

So, I thought I might as well have a go at that as the starting point. Very simply, it was:
To drive around the world in an old Land Rover for one year and arrive home, on time, on budget and alive.

Alive, take note. Not only alive just to be alive, but because I could later sit back in my rocking chair and have something to really exciting to remember in my retirement, while spending my nest egg.

Deciding on the actual year for this odyssey was also easy. It had to be 1998. That was the year that Land Rover turned 50. Our mate, F1 (F1 = Friend 1), had the would-be 50 year old Land Rover and the vague idea of taking it to Britain for its golden anniversary. We thought we’d go too, just for the adventure.

This was 1993 and all we had to do was work out how many squillions we’d need, how to get our hands on that amount of loot and how to stay alive while on the expedition. Easy really.

Adventures need some planning and this was a job for TH (the husband) and I.

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  1. Anonymous6:31 pm

    First entry is too sarcastic and a bit wordy for my taste

  2. Keep reading - it may get better (or worse) depending on your perspective.


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