Friday, July 08, 2005

The Lonely Pocket Guide to fund raising

Sometimes on the Land Rover expedition, I would be asked, "how could we afford to do such a trip?" This question usually came from an American.

The conversation would go something like this:

"Hey, awesome truck" (They would always pronounce the word as Ah-sum)
"Yeah, thanks"
"Are you really driving around the world"
"These here sponsor stickers – is this a business trip?"
"We’re doing it just for fun"
"That must cost a lot. How’d you get the money together?"
"Do you have banks over here?"
"Sure thing"
"Well, we rob ‘em".

At this stage the conversation would cease, as our new friends "adjusted the set" of their minds.

There are easier ways of finding the loot. More on this later.

© Eventful Woman, 2005


  1. This looks interesting... looking forward to further updates. Go girllll

  2. Gidday Alex
    Ta very much for positive comments.
    It will get more interesting once I get the planning bit out of the way. Got to have planning to run a successful expedition. I'm about to start writing the doing bits. Watch this space!


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