Monday, August 15, 2005

Signs of the times

One thing that really took my fancy throughout the expedition was the signs. No, not the "road to Damascus" ones! The advertising / road / and instruction signs that we encountered along the way.

Like on our very first night away from home:

After a marathon 16-hour flight from New Zealand, via LA, we staggered onto the downtown Seattle airport shuttle bus. On arrival, and as befitting an expedition on a "shoe-string", we checked into a central city back packers, and collapsed onto our bunk beds.

But, in just a few minutes my stomach started growling and gnawing with hunger. I tossed about. Sleep was impossible. I moaned to TH that we’d have to go foraging for a meal. TH can go for hours on an empty stomach, but I get rather irascible when I’m hungry (well, so I am told).

There were a few grams of energy left to heave ourselves up and off on the quest for food. It seemed a scruffy part of town and we quickly ventured into a handy "greasy spoon" - a Chinese restaurant with the unlikely name of "Tropical Deli". It was a very silent meal, while I shovelled in fork loads of food. TH looked white and exhausted. He just pecked at his meal, with his eyes closed for most of the time.

Food normally perks me up, but even I felt like I could barely make it back to the hostel.

Stumbling out of the restaurant, TH suddenly pointed across the road to a "massage parlour". There was a huge sign above it, which said:

"50 beautiful girls PLUS 3 ugly ones"

It was just the lift we needed. We laughed right out loud, holding onto each other to stay upright. We almost skipped back to our lodgings, and were still chuckling as we clambered back into out bunks.

We both fell asleep almost immediately.

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  1. Very interesting story but it seems to jump all over the show.. scrolling up from bottom it appears that you were California, back in NZ about to depart, arriving in USA, crossing the border to Cananda then back having your first night in Seattle?

    confusing little a to us bit like sentence this.

  2. HI Rod
    thanks for the feedback. Yep, its the nature of blogs to be informal and a bit organic in their development. I hope you'll keep reading and stick with it. You're in for an eventful ride.


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