Sunday, October 01, 2006

Model Eventful Woman

It took two hours to dry the tent off from the snow and damp, in the morning.

However, we had a relaxed time with Dennis "Pop" Ryan, who runs the "Mom and Pop RV Camp" with wife Frances.It was snug in his warm shop and reception area, with the happy chatter on Dennis' model railway, humming in the background. TH does a bit of modelling (aeroplanes and cars) and, while he and Dennis had a long discussion on the technicalities, I was happy to loll by the heater.

Dennis had also modelled a number of hobo figures, which were huddled around tiny, little campfires in various miniature railway camps. We purchased a male and female model, as we felt they represented our gypsy lifestyle. Dennis painted a moustache on the bloke and coloured the female's blonde locks to my brunette colour. He said that he'd named these models Jo and Annie. TH and I laughed and showed Dennis our passports. We each had another name from the one we were usually called by. TH's was John and mine was Anne. Dennis was so chuffed with this coincidence that he threw in a miniature campfire as a complimentary gift.

The tent was finally dry. We quickly packed up and waved Dennis a fond goodbye. Passing though the camp gates we had a good chuckle as Dennis' final farewell sign to help travellers with a safe journey:
Antenna Down?
Step Up?
Seat Belt On?
Wife on Board?
Safe Trip!

© Eventful Woman, 2006
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