Sunday, June 19, 2011

Japanese wedding

Eventful Woman (Eve) and TH were guests at Japanese wedding at the end of May.  They were the only non-Japanese there. Eve is used to standing out in a crowd, especially when TH is accompanying her in his full Scottish kilt.  However, as it only right, it was the bride's show that day.

Bride reading the wedding licence
Unlike weddings in New Zealand, the bride had not one but THREE outfits - each one more spectacular than the other. She started the day in a traditional, white bridal kimono.  This is heavy embossed silk, with lots and lots of silk layers underneath.

She removes the hood after the ceremony to reveal an elaborate hair style with flowers and fans.

At the reception the bride greets her guests, while still wearing her kimono.

However, part-way through the 10-course wedding banquet she leaves to change into her next outfit. 
Of course, she doesn't just slip back into the room.  She and her husband make a BIG entrance.  The reception lights are dimmed, the spotlights focus on the door, and "Ave Maria" swells out of the speaker system. There is a collective gasp when the doors open to reveal her, resplendent in full, European wedding attire with a long train. Her hair style, make-up, jewellery, shoes have also changed to match - including her husband, now in a tuxedo.

She wears this gorgeous outfit for around one hour. The 10-course meal continues and there's a few speeches, including one by Eve.  TH sings a song in the bride and groom's honour, which was also sung at Eve and TH's wedding. They return to their seats all damp-eyed and nostalgic.
There is one more change. Once again the house lights are dimmed and the spotlights beam onto the entrance door. Talk about 'pretty in pink'! The bride stuns us with this frothy, "Gone with the Wind" Southern Belle number, with matching husband in a white, shiny suit, with grey waistcoat and pink cravate.  He looks like a Southern gentleman and not a little unlike a famous singer from Memphis.  The crowd gives them a standing ovation.  

While the lights are still low, the bride and groom light a candle on each table and then the candelabra near their table. 
There isn't a dry eye in the house.

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