Sunday, July 17, 2011

TH and the courtesan

The Oiran eyeing TH
Eve is used to being an Eventful Woman, but TH (the husband) had an eventful experience of his own in Japan recently.

I know that TH is gorgeous but I didn't expect him to catch the eye of an Oiran (a high-ranking courtesan).  There was even a suggestion of marriage!

How did this happen?

I blame the ninjas for distracting me.  We were visiting Edo Wonderland, a sort of historic village set in the Edo period of Japan (1600s to mid 1800s) with costumed actors playing various characters.

Almost everyone knows of my skills in karate and tai chi. I was spellbound from the techniques and expertise I had witnessed, as I staggered breathlessly out of the Ninja theatre.

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My fogged glasses had nothing to do with agile young men leaping about the stage to the throbbing of the drums.

We then strayed into the Traditional Japanese Culture Centre, found our seats and listened to the gentle plucking of lutes while waiting for the show to start.  With the exception of a man with a red maple leaf emblazoned on his back pack, the rest of audience were all Japanese.  

The MC/Court Jester ambled among the seated throng and eventually paused in front of TH. The Jester invited TH up to the stage and, after the usual questions about where are you from and how do you like Japan, TH was suddenly whisked behind the curtain.  I wasn't too worried - the natives appeared friendly and I was still in my 'post-Ninja high'.

Imagine my surprise when the curtains swished back to reveal TH lounging on a silken cushion and resplendent in long, fine garments.  He had transformed into an Odaijin (an aristocratic man). The crowd giggled in delight.

The Oiran made her entrance and made a beeline straight for TH.

She plied him with a whole saucerful of sake.

They had a conversation, with the Jester providing TH his stage lines on big cards. I couldn't follow a word as it was all in Japanese.  However, the body language was obvious - that Oiran was after my man!

However, despite the sake and some fancy dancing with fans, TH was not swayed.

The Oiran is devastated she can't have TH
Anyway, how could there be a new 'match made in heaven' when TH is already in orbit with me?

The play ended without a marriage and the actors and TH took their bows.  The audience clapped and I gave TH a standing ovation.  I had forgotten all about my ninjas.