Saturday, October 15, 2011

Now in Zell an der Mosel

View from our apartment over the Mosel River
Wow, check out the view (above) from our apartment in Zell an der Mosel (Zell for short).

All New Zealanders love a place beginning with "Z" and Zell is no exception. TH (The Husband) and I have made ourselves very comfy in a 1-bedroom apartment on the first floor of "My Europe Base". While the four apartments in this building are for anyone, the owners specialise in providing a home-from-home for travelling Kiwis and Aussies.

Our apartment is on the first floor
We have three big windows which look over the Mosel River to vineyards and the historic houses and the other side.

I love my bed and, when TH pulls brings me my cup of tea in the mornings, he pulls up the window shutters and I prop myself up on the pillows to watch the ships and barges ply the river. As it also harvest time, I also follow the progress of the grape pickers moving their way up the steep slopes of the vineyards. I love watching work like this. (TH says I don't only like to watch but I long to supervise, too).

TH ventures out to the local bakery each day to buy fresh rolls and, by the time he returns, I am ready for my continental breakfast of cheese, salami and ham on these crunchy and delicious rolls. Being very food-motivated, I improve my German vocabulary with words involving edibles.  My current favourite word is "Lecker", which means delicious!

Of course, the famous Riesling wine in the Zell area is also lecker. In the interests of good research, I interviewed three of the top wine makers in the area and sampled their excellent product. Click here to read about these wine makers.

The apartment manager is the wonderful Elsbeth. She speaks some English and goes out of her way to help her visitors settle in. TH came down with a sniffle (called schnuffling) and very soon she was on our doorstep with her best cure - mulled wine.  Of course, I got half of it - as a purely preventative measure, of course. A good writer must remain at her best at all times.

For more information about My Europe Base click here.

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