Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hot chocolate in Hachenburg

Eventful Woman in Hachenburg, copyright TH 2011
The historic town of Hachenburg in Westerwald, Germany, is charming and olde-worlde. There are whole streets like this and Disneyland it ain't. These houses are 300 to 600 years old and people really live in them.

The oldest building is "Die Krone" (now a restaurant and hotel), which was built in the 12th Century. This makes me feel positively youthful!

In the late afternoon, I settled into one of the many outdoor cafes and sipped on hot chocolate. The locals greeted each other while taking an evening stroll with their dogs and the tourists shuffled past while 'gawking' at the old buildings. Click here for more photos of Hachenburg.

Wolfgang with some of his African art, copyright TH 2011

I joined the stollers and, a few doors up from where I had been sitting, I discovered a man converting the front room of his house (built in 1610) into a gallery specilising in African art.  Wolfgang spoke good English and I loved hearing how he was about to fulfil a life-long dream with his own gallery. He agreed to my request to interveiw him and I'll be doing that tomorrow.  Click here for Wolfgang's story.

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