Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mayoral welcome party

Party in full swing (All photos and text copyright to Eventful Woman, 2011)
We went to a marvellous party last week. TH and I were guests of Herr Stadtb├╝rgermeister (Mayor) Hans Schwarz at an event to welcome the passengers off a tourist ship to Zell an der Mosel.

The band leading the crowd
Glasses lined up, Black Cat fountain in background
We had no idea what to expect but we knew the town would put on a good show and we weren't disappointed. 

The passengers, many marching in time to the music and clapping their hands, were led from the ship by the town's orchestral band to the Zeller Schwarze Katz fountain (Zell's Black Cat fountain).   

Glasses of fine Zell sekt (sparkling) wine were lined up for them on the bar in the marquee. 

The Mayor made a welcoming speech, the wine princess told the legend of Zell's Black Cat, the passengers were invited to keep topping up on the excellent wine and also that they could keep their Zell-branded glasses as a souvenir. 

Listening to the band
We circulated and talked to as many as we could about the great things to see and do in the Zell an der Mosel area. The passengers were mainly American and many were also travel agents. We met one Canadian who told us that there were some British people on board, plus two Australians but we didn't find them in the crowd. No Kiwis, unfortunately. However, a big HELLO and KIA ORA to the people we met from Utah, California, Washington DC, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Florida and Kentucky.

There was a lot of curiosity about why two New Zealanders were part of the welcoming party but they appreciated the opportunity to have their questions about Zell answered in English and by fellow tourists.  

Enjoying the music
The band played hits from the 1960s to the 1980s to suit the age and nationality of the passengers, such as Silence is Golden and several Beach Boys numbers. Soon most were singing and doing the actions to Village People's YMCA.

Buffet tables in the wine cellar

Treats to eat
A selection of  local delicacies such as wurst, meatballs, cheeses, breads, zwiebelkuchen (spicy onion and bacon cake), w├╝rstchen (little sausages) and potato pie and a great vat of federweisser (new wine) was served buffet-style in the wine cellars under the nearby town hall. The tables had little black cat shapes decorating the tablecloths.  After the chilly night air, it was good to be in the warm.

Mayor Schwarz with passengers
When we left some were still dancing to the music of the town band. I'm not sure when they got to bed but hopefully all made it back to their cabins by the time the ship cast off in the morning.

Thanks to Herr Hans Schwarz and the town of Zell an der Mosel for a great night.

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All text and photos are copyright to Eventful Woman, 2011


  1. Freddie Hilpp3:02 pm

    I was a tourist on the river boat that evening an was impressed by the effort that the town people made to make our evening wonderful. thank you Zell!!!!

  2. Thanks, Freddie, for your really positive response. I have passed this onto the Mayor of Zell an der Mosel and the council people. It was good to meet you again in Bernkastel, too.


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