Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walking around

Round Tower with TH admiring the view
I may be an adventurous woman but there's three words I don't usually put together: "walk", "up" and "hill". I prefer something more eventful to scale hills like a motorcyle ride up or maybe sky diving down.

However, it was such a magnificent blue-sky day here in Zell an der Mosel that even I decided that the plod up hill to the town's iconic Round Tower would be worth it. What's more, TH promised me coffee and cake if I got both up and down the hill without him having to carry me.

The Round Tower is a medieval remnant of the town's fortifcations. In early drawings of the town, the tower is pictured with a tall, pointed roof.  However, this was replaced in 1690 with an imperial dome, similar to the town's St Peter's church.

The first part of the walk is a gentle uphill stroll through Oberstrasse, which is not much wider than one car width. Grape vines have been encouraged to grow above the street at about 10 metre intervals. Fat bunches of grapes hung from them and I hovered for awhile underneath each one in the hope that one or more would fall into my gaping mouth. No such luck. The road then headed sharply up onto Zeller Kehr for a few hundred metres until we reached the grey stone Square Tower. This was part of the old town wall. The sign pointing to the "Rund Turm" (Round Tower) directed us through the arched doorways in the Square Tower.

Vineyards and St Peter's church
There was a few zigs and zags on an uphill path but no more than for100 metres. It was worth it - the view sweeps over the vineyards, along the sinuous Mosel River (you can look both up and down river) and way below to the slate roof tops of St Peter's Church and the village of Zell an der Mosel.

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