Monday, April 02, 2012

Book launch on Multi-Coloured Mayhem Day

Louise Inglis

Louise Inglis is launching a book today for Multi-Coloured Mayhem Day.

Louise began a journal seven years ago when faced with uncertainly over the health of her youngest son, Kevin.  His was a difficult birth and soon after, Louise and husband Michael felt that Kevin was very different to his older brother, Matthew, when he was the same age. Some difference between siblings is not unusual, but Kevin was different to most other babies, too.

At thirteen months, Kevin was diagnosed with autism, and over the next five years, Louise and Michael and Kevin’s older brother Matthew were forced to adjust to additional obstacles, including epilepsy, and a life radically different from that which they had ever imagined.

Book cover for Happiness in his Eyes

Happiness in his Eyes is Louise’s story of the first seven years with her son Kevin.

Louise is Eventful Woman's Eventful Person for April. Click here to discover how Louise overcame restless nights, worry and uncertainly to write. If you have a goal to write a book but don't think you have the time, then here's your chance to discover how she did it.  Louise includes her top tips and ideas for anyone who wants to write.

Multi-Coloured Mayhem Day is New Zealand's name for World Autism Awareness Day.

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