Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tap into your potential

Eve's first tap dancing steps
It's good for the soul to try new things, especially when they are fun. As well as having a laugh, it feels fabulous to take on new challenges or to have a go at something you've always wanted to do.

When Eve was a kid, she wanted to become a tap dancer. Unfortunately, her Mum didn't think it was ladylike or proper. But, since when has Eve ever been either of those things?  However, this was in the early days when her Mum thought there was some hope for a different outcome. 

So, Eve was forced to ballet classes, instead.  It became a battle of wills between Eve and the ballet mistress as to who was going to break first.  It only took 3 weeks and it was, of course, the ballet mistress.  Eve's mother was summoned and told to take her unruly child away.  Was Eve allowed to take up tap dancing then?  No. Sad, but true!

However, Eve is now making up for lost time.  After 3 weeks, she still hasn't been thrown out of class. Maybe there's hope that she can become a cool cat at dancing?

You make me feel like...