Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great British Car Rally

In one month exactly, TH and I will be flagged away from Auckland on the Great British Car Rally, arriving in Christchurch five days later.

Along with around 250 other British cars, TH and I will be motoring in style in our 1966 Rover P5, Mk3 Coupe, 3 litre.

This rally last took place in 1997 and was called THE LINK All Briish Car Rally.  TH, the Rover and me (Eventful Woman) were part of that great event.  We were provided with really posh passports, which featured a photo of our Rover.

We had our passport stamped at every stop.

The passport cover was styled to look like a British passport (in the 'glory days' before it became a red Eurozone passport).  Wonder if we'll get something like this, this time?

Find out more about the 2013 Great British Car Rally here.

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