Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cruising to the other side

The ferry cruising in to dock was a welcome sight
(© Eventful Woman 2013)
I was grateful I wasn't topless - either the Rover or myself - when we lined up for the Wellington to Picton ferry on Thursday. Two hours of scorching heat with no shelter is not ideal for either face or paintwork, but there was plenty of conversation with our rally companions to pass the time.
Everyone had a good yarn while waiting for the ferry
(© Eventful Woman 2013)
At last the ferry arrived and we were waved on board. Parking was tight and I was grateful we were mainly with fellow ralliers, who took care not to crash open their car's doors into the other vehicles squeezed alongside.
Eve admiring the view (© Eventful Woman 2013)

The sailing was beaut - blue skies, flat seas and all of the promise of an exciting drive once we docked.
Heading for the South Island (© Eventful Woman 2013)
Many Picton locals stood on corners to enjoy the spectacle of nearly 100 GREAT British cars unloading and then roaring past on their way to Blenheim.

More blue skies greeted us the next morning. The weather on this rally has been sunny and warm - not one day of rain.

The breakfast that awaited us at Drylands Winery was spectacular - bacon, sausages, mushrooms, hash browns, croissants, fruit, cereal, OJ and plenty of tea and coffee. Several South Island ralliers joined us at this point and there were different cars to gawk at.
Mk I, Zodiac Station Wagon (© Eventful Woman 2013)

A mini-sized mini (© Eventful Woman 2013)

Our MGB team mates (Brad & Dad and Sir & Madam) have been a great hit with the British High Commissioner, Her Execellency Vicki Treadell, because she had also owned a MGB in the past.
From L-R: Sir Alf, Madam Rosie, HE Vicki, Brad's Dad Grant, Brad (© Eventful Woman 2013)
All too soon it was time to leave the Drylands Winery and I reluctantly waved goodbye to the bacon. The Rover was 'fed' more 95 octane and we were on our way to Kaikoura. Of course, we stopped on the coastal road to "oooh" and "aaah" at the seals and their gorgeous pups.
Seal pups, so cute (© Eventful Woman 2013)

I'm sure this seal barked "Wow, look at that fab Rover." Is that a seal of approval? (© Eventful Woman 2013)

Find out what happened in Kaikoura: 

We motored into Kaikoura and parked for the display. Imagine our delight when a woman rushed up saying "What a beautiful car! I'm sick of seeing all those MGs and Jaguars!"  Did our MG team mates hear this? No, they weren't even there. They'd decided to skip Kaikoura and head straight for Christchurch. All that attention by H.E. Vicki must have gone to their heads and they no doubt wanted to primp and fuss over themselves in readiness for the finale dinner with her. (The rest of us will also be there, of course). 

Our P5 Rover has always been a 'head turner' and Kaikoura was no different. TH, the Rover and I enjoyed the attention we received - so many cameras pointed our way and lots of great conversations with the fans. A big thank you to the locals and the tourists who left their drool on our Rover. 
Rover P5 Coupe. Quite possibly the best of Britain's finest cars. (© Eventful Woman 2013)
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