Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finish line highlights

Final car show in Hagley Park (© Eventful Woman 2013)
We did it! We drove from Auckland to Christchurch in a classic 1966 P5 Rover, MkIII, coupe. Not once did our Rover or our MGB team mates 'fail to proceed' (what we call breakdowns). There were a few niggles, like our chuffing exhaust, but nothing that stopped us.

Our thanks to our team mates (Brad & Dad and Sir & Madam) for their help and support throughout. We have the greatest respect for Sir and Madam who made the entire journey while topless - that's the car I'm talking about!
Sir and Madam in the topless 1964 MGB (© Eventful Woman 2013)
The finale dinner was a dress up affair and everyone looked as splendid as the cars. Brad easily scooped the prize for being the youngest driver, which was presented by The British High Commissioner, Vicki Treadell.
Youngest driver, Brad, with Her Excellency, Vicki Treadell
 (© Eventful Woman 2013)

Brad with his prize (© Eventful Woman 2013)
Three generations of MGB owners: Brad's Dad, Brad, Brad's Granddad
(© Eventful Woman 2013)

The three generations in their MGB's also got honourable mention - Brad, his Dad (Grant) and his grandparents (Sir Alf and Madam Rosie). In fact, Brad bought his MGB GT from his Granddad.

Mayor Bob Parker made a stirring speech about resilience and the importance of celebrating life and all good things, especially as that night (22 February) was the second anniversary of the horrible and destructive Christchurch earthquake.
Mayor Bob Parker (© Eventful Woman 2013)
The GREAT British Car Rally raised funds for four charities:
British High Commissioner, Vicki Treadell was auctioneer at the finale dinner. (© Eventful Woman 2013)
While the full total of funds raised is still to be calculated, over $5,000 was raised during the auction at the finale dinner.

We had one final car show on the day after the finale dinner. Christchurch turned on a great day, there was with music, balloons and ice creams. Mayor Bob Parker arrived in his MG and the local British cars swelled the ranks.  There was more gawking and drooling from appreciative locals.

For more photos of the cars:

Another glorious Rover Coupe, a P5B, at the display (© Eventful Woman 2013)
1937 Alvis Speed 25 SB (© Eventful Woman 2013)
Series I Land Rover, 80" (© Eventful Woman 2013)
A big thank you to the British High Commission, Rally Director Ross Church and all of the sponsors and people who organised this fantastic event.

Here's to next time!

And, here's to the drive home to Auckland.

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