Sunday, February 17, 2013

First leg under our belts

Eventful Woman backing into her start position at the rally
TH, the Rover and I completed the first leg of the GREAT British Car Rally in style and in glorious sunshine, motoring from Auckland to Tauranga.

Vicki Treadell - British High Commissioner to NZ and car nut
Around 150 British cars cruised into Auckland's Domain around 9am this morning.  After speeches, scones with jam, a cup of tea and then, clutching a packet of English crisps (potato chips, as us Kiwis call them) for a roadside snack, the first car was flagged away at 12 noon. An admiring crowd of onlookers clapped and cheered as each car took to the streets. Of course, I was into my packet of crisps before we hit the Southern Motorway.

Our P5 Rover was made 1966, so our trip was accompanied by 60s music belting out from TH's MP3 player. Of course, there was no such thing as MP3 players in the 1960s. And, they were rather uncommon 15 years ago, when we motored in the LINK All British rally in 1997. However, this is 2013 and we might as well have the fun of both ends of the time scale. Classic British motoring and modern conveniences.

Some things don't change - our Car No. 281 is the same as for the LINK rally

On the road nearing Paeroa

All of our ROVER/MG team made it to Tauranga and in great shape.  Brad & Dad in their MGB GT and Sir & Madam in their 1964 MGB Roadster. It was stinking hot when we arrived in Tauranga - pity modern conveniences don't extend to air conditioning.  However, the swimming pool at the motel was a great hit.

World-famous L&P bottle
Karangahake Gorge
Display of cars at Tauranga
Rocket-like tail light of a 1951 Allard P1 Roadster


  1. ... it's that wonderful design detail that's a joy to behold on the classics! IMHO :) Happy travels Eve and TH

  2. Great to hear from you Julia. I agree about classic design - there's nothing uniform and boring about these classic cars. They're exciting and stylish - just like you and me.


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