Monday, February 11, 2013

Freya lets the team down

After slaving for weeks in the hot sun to get the 1966 Rover P5 ready for the Great British Car Rally TH had completed most of the tasks and was on the 'home stretch'. All that was left to do was a clean and polish.  But, Eventful Woman (Eve) got distracted packing the all of her necessary food and booze for the trip - leaving Freya the cat to supervise the work on the Rover.

Freya begins her supervising. 

All too soon Freya takes her eyes off the job

Freya gets too hot and shelters in the shade. TH is left on his own.

When TH winds down the window, it breaks a tooth on the mechanism.
More work in the hot sun to identify how to fix the problem

TH making the repairs

The mechanism is re-installed and TH finishes with a final clean of the glass.

Eve celebrates with a swim.
TH and Eventful Woman (Eve) will be driving all the way from Auckland to Christchurch on the 2013 GREAT British Car Rally from 17 - 23 February.

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