Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hazards on the road to Napier

Winding roads from Gisborne to Napier
"Look out for goats on the road", the Rally Director informed us at this morning's briefing.  I initially wondered if he meant idiots behind the steering wheel or the 4-legged animal variety. Turned out he meant the latter.

Goats on the Wairoa to Napier road
We only spotted three goats and they wisely kept to the edges of the road. Classic British cars are big, glorious and heavy.  I know from earlier economy runs that our Rover, with driver, passenger, luggage and a fully-laden picnic hamper weighs 1.7 tonnes. So, while the word "wise" is not normally applied to a goat, I'm sure even these simple creatures understand that tonnes of shiny and glorious metal would do far more damage to their thick skulls than from a 'tin' Jap car.

Speaking of goats, three drivers in the rally were served with speeding tickets today.  They were ALL Jaguar drivers - one of whom was very high on the list of participants. Without naming names, here's a clue - not even diplomatic immunity got her off the charge. However, as well as paying the fine she generously offered to pay double the amount - once to the appropriate policing authority and then the same again to the charities that the rally is fund raising for.

There were a number of hazards on the road today:
Look out for cows
Look out for out-of-control trucks
Look out for big busted women (and out-of-control male drivers)
The weather has been glorious and perfect for open-topped touring. We finished the day with a car display in Marine Parade in Napier. Throngs of people showed up for the usual droolling, while we sipped fabulous local wines and tapped our toes to the Twin City Stompers playing Dixie jazz.  

Bertie's "What ho" Austin

Our P5 looking fabulous on display

Twin City Stompers
Eventful Woman and Lotus Elise drivers Simon and Chrissie
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