Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing our MG team mates

While TH is brilliant and capable (of course) it never hurts to also have fun and clever team mates for the GREAT British Car Rally.

Brad and his Dad live in our street - so they obviously have good taste.  Not only that, they have great taste in British cars.  Brad & Dad will be in a British Racing Green MGB GT. Now don't be fooled by their false modesty in the above photo.  While they are they only two not looking at the camera, I know they I will have to share the lime light with these two because they're already TV stars.

TV3 featured the up and coming GREAT British Car Rally this week. In the clip, Brad's Dad is standing next to the gorgeous MGB GT, while the British High Commissioner to NZ, Vicki Treadell, talks enthusiastically about these fabulous cars.  Although Brad is not directly in the shot, he was clever enough to get his reflection captured in the shiny Jaguar paintwork and window as the camera panned around. Brad is not normally on the TV3 crew - they just needed someone to hold the camera cable. See - clever, helpful but definitely competition as a show off for Eventful Woman.

Here's the link to the clip (keep an eye out for Brad's reflection towards the end of the clip):

We're looking forward to working together as a team with Brad & Dad.  Plus it is a full on family affair with the 3rd car of our awesome team - another MG, which will be driven by Brad's Dad's Mum & Dad - Brad's Grandies (aka Madam & Sir).  It will be good to have some wisdom and experience among the rest of us hedonists.

We will be flagged away on the rally tomorrow.

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