Sunday, March 03, 2013

Thinking woman's trip home

Homeward bound (©Eventful Woman, 2013)
It was a long, hot, 8-hour drive home from Wellington to Auckland.  The Rover performed well, apart from a rumbling exhaust.

It was a long haul and easy for an eventful woman to get bored. TH can normally provide sufficient distraction with his scintillating conversation and wit but even that was a push for 8 hours.

Fortunately, at around the half-way point, we were enthralled with the glorious sights of the volcanoes Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngauruhoe on the Desert Road.

Mt Ruapehu (©Eventful Woman, 2013)

Ruapehu with Ngauruhoe in the distance
(©Eventful Woman, 2013)

Mt Ngauruhoe (©Eventful Woman, 2013)

Tirau had less-enthralling but still interesting enormous dogs

Dog-shaped Visitor Information Centre at Tirau (©Eventful Woman, 2013)

The New Zealand Transport Agency also helped while away the hours with their helpful signs and billboards on route, which urged us to think about various things. Find out what got Eventful Woman thinking, including where TH proposed marriage: