Saturday, June 01, 2013

What are your top 10 challenges?

Rock climbing in Zell-an-der-Mosel, Germany
We've all got things we want to do, right? But, do these really challenge us? It's great to have fun and a laugh - life has to be enjoyable. But, we should also take on challenges that draw us out of our comfort zone. We can all learn a lot from personal challenges, not the least of which is that satisfying feeling of achieving something hard and not letting it beat us.

I like adventurous activities like climbing rock faces or swimming with sharks. Many of my stunts are challenging but, because I like to take on 'dare-devil' stuff, I don't have to push myself too hard from of my comfort zone in order to complete them.

With my commitment to having an eventful life, I've decided to push myself out of a comfort zone that might surprise you - domesticity. While I'll happily take on 'heady heights' or sharks in the depths of the sea, the kitchen bench can hold terrors for me.  Yes, I can slap together a decent meal, I don't push myself to do more. 

So, tomorrow, I am taking on a personal challenge - cooking a roast dinner. Although I LOVE eating roast dinners, I have never stirred myself to make one. Yes, I know, to many of you this sounds boring and probably something you could do with your eyes shut. But, a challenge should be exactly that to the person involved. And, cooking a roast dinner will push me hard.  It is actually No.10 on my list of personal challenges to overcome.  I have already knocked off No. 4 (learn to surf) and No. 5 (learn to tap dance).  I'm still to take on the flying trapeze and performing as a stand-up comedian.  However, neither of those fill me with as much dread as learning to cook.

I have been promised I will also learn how to make 'the best ever' roast potatoes and also an amazing chocolate pudding.

Watch this space!

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