Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The night I ate Mary's lamb

Eventful Woman and Mary (in white) (copyright Eventful Woman)
At a recent charity auction my eye was drawn to lucky item No. 7: "Mad Mary will cook for you and your three guests her famous Lamb Neck Chop Casserole".

Fabulous food and great company always makes for an eventful night. I bid ferociously and soon the prize was mine.

TH (The Husband) and I thought long an hard as to which of our many friends would score the guest seats. The lucky two  were issued with strict instructions - no diets, no party poopers, second helpings mandatory.

The non-drinking TH was volunteered as the sober chauffeur to collect and safely return everyone to their homes. He issued some firm instructions too: If he had to drive then there would be NO singing.  I can't understand that, as I am a magnificent singer after a couple of wines.
About to open the bubbly (copyright Eventful Woman)
The bubbly was popped on our arrival and served with delectable ash-covered chèvre (French goat's cheese with a salted charcoal coating) on crackers, with a mild basil leaf and a drop or two of liquid gold - virgin olive oil.

Mary put on soft music as we took our places at her gorgeous table.
Candles, flowers and silverware - just gorgeous
(copyright Eventful Woman)
Mary's Lamb Neck Chop Casserole is legendary and was showcased recently on TV One's Family Recipes Show It is slow cooked for hours with onions, potato, kumara, tomatoes, fennel, sage, parsley, thyme and rosemary and served with crisp cooked green vegetables on the side. The taste? I was almost deafened by the overwhelming 'Mmmmmmmmmm's' from all, me included. Tender, moist, yummy, with the meat just falling off the bones. The flavours were a perfect marriage, just like TH and me really. (Ahem)

The dessert was chocolate fudge cake, served with lashings of cream.  Some things are simply better being rich - chocolate, coffee and men. For a chocoholic, Mary's cake ticked all of my boxes.

Between delightful mouthfuls of this wondrous food, Mary entertained us with her catering stories, including an infamous incident involing a duck and Lady Astor (in UK).  My lips are sealed, but I could be bribed with dark chocolate any time to reveal all.

Mary is a fellow writer and she is currently finishing her latest book, which is described as "The Three B's" - booze, boats and bonking. With the "Oooohs and Aaaaas" around the table that night, I felt we were helping Mary to write the text.

Thank you Mary Elsmore-Neilson for a wonderful night and to your lovely George, who kept a quiet eye on us during the evening.
Mary's George, quietly observing while lounging on a Persian rug
(copyright Eventful Woman)
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