Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bursting into flower

I saw the promise of a hot summer while soaking up spring sunshine on a seaside walk today. I was eyeing the fat buds on the pohutukawa trees and wondering when I'd see the first, glorious red flower.

Suddenly, I glimpsed a crimson flash amid the green. It was just a small bunch, which had burst open on the warm, sunny side of the tree. 

I got thinking about why this little group was so alive, when all of the other buds were still snoozing in their tiny, green sleeping bags. It came down to:
  • It is in their DNA, of course. However, without a number of other factors that would not be enough.
  • They had the right conditions (the sunny side of the tree).
  • They had some like-minded buddies (get it? ha ha) to hang out with. By clustering they collectively drew a little more goodness from the tree, which helped them to convert the energy from the sun much quicker so they could flower. (If you want a science lesson check out chlorophyll and photosynthesis).
It's not a lot different for us humans, really. If we want our lives to blossom we have to:
  • Decide what we want - our goals/objectives/stuff we want to do.
  • Put ourselves in the right place/take steps to make it happen. You can't just wait for the right things to fall into your lap. Even plants know better than this - they know how grow towards the sun.
  • Find people with similar aspirations, learn from them and work together to support each other.
Of course, those pedants among you will point out that most of the other pohutukawa buds will open in time. Of course, I get that. However, if you want something out of life, then the sooner you work towards it the earlier you can achieve it and start to enjoy it.

Pohutukawa in bud
Flower buds snoozing in their sleeping bags
Glorious Pohutukawa flowers. GO RED

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