Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the Pink

My table
Shock, horror - Eventful Woman in pink!! Well, not quite, as I normally can't bear to wear it. Let's call it a slightly softer shade than my usual 'go for it' red.

I hosted a table today for the Pink Ribbon Bequest Society Christmas lunch, which raises funds for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. I had 7 wonderful guests on my table and there were 69 guests altogether at the luncheon.

The event was held at Parnells On the Rose Garden, which sits pretty in a garden of glorious rose bushes, all of which were busting out (get it, ha ha) in full bloom.

Pink blossomed inside too. The floral decorations on each table looked so fresh they could have been picked that morning. The hot pink Xmas tree almost shouted its presence.

Pink everywhere
Our guest speaker was Dr Barbara Hochstein, the consultant radiologist at Rotorua Hospital who specialises in women's imaging, mammography, breast imaging and CT procedures.
She outlined the amazing developments in the treatment of breast cancer over the last 25 years. While it is still a devastating disease, survival rates are much higher now and we can all have hope that one day this disease will be treatable.

Beautiful rose gardens beyond the Xmas tree
In the meantime, I'll do my best to support the work and research that will help to get us there. If I have to wear pink a few times, that's a puny challenge when compared with the one faced by breast cancer battlers.


Please click here to donate to or get involved with this cause.

The luncheon room

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