Eventful Places

Eventful Woman is at The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Eventful Woman is home sweet home after the GREAT British Car Rally
Eventful Woman is on the GREAT British Car Rally

Eventful Woman and TH (the husband) will drive from Auckland to Christchurch in February 2013 on the GREAT British Car Rally.

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Eventful Woman is about to dive into the Manukau Harbour.

Takapuna Beach, Auckland (Copyright Eventful Woman 2013)
Eventful Woman feasted on cherries, brie cheese and the odd delectable drop of wine while picnicing at Takapuna Beach in January 2013.  This is the view from her picnic rug.  WOW.

In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) (Copyright Eventful Woman 2012)
Eventful Woman was in Vietnam in April 2012. She faced a tsunami of motorcyles every time she crossed the street in Saigon and Hanoi. However, she learned that 'bare back riding' had a whole new meaning.

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Eventful Woman was a travel writer-in-residence in Zell an der Mosel, Germany in October 2011. She stayed at My Europe Base apartments, which provides a home-from-home for travelling Kiwis and Australians.

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Hachenburg, Germany

Here's a selection of photographs taken in Hachenburg, in the Westerwald area of Germany. The latter photos were taken at dusk, when all of the tourists had gone. All photos are copyright to Eventful Woman 2011.

Gateway in the castle courtyard (Copyright Eventful Woman 2011)

Town square (Copyright Eventful Woman 2011)
House built in 1610 (copyright Eventful Woman 2011) Click here to learn about the current owner of this house.

(Copyright Eventful Woman 2011)

(Copyright Eventful Woman 2011)

Shop sign for boot maker and seller of footwear (Copyright Eventful Woman 2011)


Eve is having fun in the snow at the Hida Folk Village (Hida no Sato) in Takayama, which is in the alps of Japan

This photo was actually taken on Christmas Day and was Eve's first ever white Christmas.

Lots of readers thought this was taken in Switzerland or Austria and some suggested one or more of the Scandinavian countries. 

No one guessed the right answer. However, I decided to pick a name from the entries and congratulations to Robyn P Murray Hirst.

Robyn wins the free copy of the book "Keeping the Faith - Travel the World."

If you want more out of life, or are frustrated by money, or just want to pay for your next holiday without financial stress, then the book Keeping the Faith -  Travel the World is for you.

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Other Eventful Places: While it looks like the 'great, green greasy Limpopo River', Eventful Woman (Eve) is navigating the murky waters of the Mokau River in Taranaki.

The river was in full flood, lapping high on its banks and with lots of debris swirling past.  However, the historic MV Cygnet safely plied the waters in the capable hands of skippers, Neil and Dawn Colman.

The fully-restored Cygnet started her work as the cream boat on the Mokau River in 1913.  She's a very spruce nonagenarian and now enjoys more leisurely trips up this majestic river with gawking tourists and picnic makers.

Eve was definitely in picnic mode and she enthusiastically eyed the laden hampers that Neil loaded on board. However, on the journey she was easily distracted from the food by the ever-changing vistas - the lovely native New Zealand bush, the ingenious fishing roosts and amusing signs erected by whitebait fishermen. 

The picnic hamper lived up to all expectations when it was finally opened at the picnic spot. 
Eve crumbled a few morsels into the river for the hungry eels and it was just as well she did - the flooded river continued to rise while Eve was feasting, submerging the gangplank back to the Cygnet. Eve was hoping that the gallant Neil would hoist her over his shoulder rather than tempting the eels in the paddle back to the Cygnet.

Alas, she had eaten so much picnic that she had to fend for herself. Fortunately, she had saved a muffin to keep her fortified on the journey back. She outsmarted the eels by tossing some of its crumbs away from the boat, calling "let them eat cake'. Having already enjoyed some of this splendid food, the eels chose that over the delectable Eve and she made her escape onto the boat.

The Cygnet idled back to base while Eve sunned herself on the top deck and admired the scenery.
At one point she thought she spotted a croco-logopus. However, it was a huge storm-damaged tree trunk wallowing in the water.

Neil and Dawn safely returned Eve and her party back to the Mokau Wharf after three blissful hours on this beautiful river.

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Check out accommodation at the nearby great country pub, the Awakino Hotel

Read The Boy From Mokau River, a memoir of life on a farm by the Mokau River in the 1930s and when the Cygnet worked as a cream boat.

Photographer: TH. Copyright Eventful Woman, 2011.

Amusing restaurant name in Munich, Germany.
Photographer: TH. Copyright Eventful Woman, 2011.