Swimming with the sharks
Robyn (left) and Eventful Woman (Eve) before the plunge
Eve and Robyn Forryan did not prove who was tastier. They both plunged into the shark tank and they both lived to tell the tale with all fingers and toes intact.
Eve tempting the sharks with her fingers

The water was a chilly 20 degrees C and they were kitted out in wet suits, cute little booties, snorkel and masks.

The sharks zoomed very close and didn't seem to mind the cold. 
Looking through the perspex bottom of the cage

Looking out the side of the cage

Shark's view of Eventful Woman

After their plunge they headed for the nearest fish restaurant for a feed of "Shark & Chips".


Photo credit: Kelly Tarlton's
Two lucky winners have snapped up the chance to live like Eventful Woman and share one of my events.

At first, no one took the bait to plunge into the shark tank with me. I mean, that photo doesn't look scary does it? I was beginning to wonder if I was the bravest of them all.

However, I managed to persuade Robyn Forryan, entrepreneur and owner of Property Magic, to join me. Of course, I had to convince her that I might be tastier.

For those who want to watch, come to Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World just after noon on Saturday 24 September (you'll need to pay at $34 entry fee but I'm sure that's worth it to see the chance of 2 fearless women take on the sharks). At around 12.30pm Robyn and I will be lowered into predator tank – home to School, Wobbegong (should that be Woe-begone?) and Broadnose Sevengill sharks for our close-up encounter.

Find out more about the Shark Cage Plunge.

Prohibition Restaurant
For the second event, myself and writer/ business woman, Linda Grigg, will be doing the biting. Linda will join me for a long, splendid lunch at Prohibition restaurant

I will tell it like it is and post images after these events. At least Linda won't have to smile for the camera while having her leg ripped off.
Eventful Cooking Class

Eventful Woman (Eve) recently hosted a Japanese cooking class at Sachie's Kitchen. After a cup of sake to bolster their confidence, Eve and her group clustered around Sachie to learn the recipes. 

Sachie got us underway with a dish we could all master without too much difficulty -  sesame ice cream. All we had to do was mix vanilla ice cream, sesame powder and honey. Buoyed by this early success, we were ready to tackle the onigiri (rice ball).

Again, we needed to be stirrers - this time with cooked rice and seasoning - and then we shaped the mix into balls with a mouth-puckering, tart pickled plum in each centre. The term "ball" is a bit of a misnomer as the concoction was then patted into the traditional triangle shape. Eve ended up with an only slightly-crumpled egg-shaped masterpiece, while the others stuck to straight-sided formations.

Eve cooking gyoza dumplings
Soon the blades and knives were flashing, but not because everyone was jealous of Eve's innovative ideas on triangles. Instead we were hard at work chopping up cabbage, spring onions and mushrooms, while almost floating on the heady aromas of freshly chopped ginger and garlic chives. We slung minced pork into the mix and then placed teaspoon-sized scoops of the mix onto cute, little, circular pastry wrappers for gyoza dumplings. 

Eve couldn't quite work out how to tuck the wrappers around the mix - she is an eventful woman but not particularly domesticated - and so her gyoza were crimped at the edges, rather like they had sucked on the pickled plums. The "Nancy Neats" in the class produced dumplings with dainty, folded edges. Hah! Eve would like to see them leap buildings in a single bound or surf in the freezing cold with fur seals. The gyoza dumplings sizzled in a pan with luscious sesame oil for a few minutes, were then splashed with cold water and left to steam.

Eve's favourite, okonomiyaki (Japanese pankcake), was the final item to be prepared. More vegetables fell under the knife, along with chunks of bacon and a string of mini sausages. The whole lot was whisked into a batter and poured into a frying pan. With this sort of nourishment, almost anyone could be prancing over numerous tall buildings. Eve savoured the thought as she watched for bubbles on the surface of the batter, a sure sign that the pancake was ready to be flipped over. Flipping was something Eve did well. 
When cooked on both sides, the pancake was slid out of the 
pan and straight onto a plate, 
ready to be garnished. Eve chose the delectably named 
yummy sauce (mayonnaise) 
along with okonomiyaki sauce for her pancake.

At last the meal was ready to be devoured. The table was set, 
more sake was poured and we were ready to eat. 

Gyoza dumplings and triangle-shaped onigiri (rice ball)
     Arigato gozaimus (a big thank you) to Sachie for her delightful and wonderful tuition. 

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       Photographer: TH. Copyright Eventful Woman, 2011.

     Find out more about Japanese cooking classes at Sachie's Kitchen.