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She's driven around the world in a classic Land Rover
Eventful Woman is a writer and adventurer.  She leads an eventful life and is willing to share her tales and expertise. If you want to hire her as a writer, blogger or speaker, please get in touch via the Contact Form to the right.
She's climbed cliffs while a blogger-in-residence
While some might think she is a hedonist, she has proved she can 'knuckle down' with her tertiary qualifications in education, teaching, journalism and management.  She was awarded her MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) with distinction. That means she can do maths as well as write and talk.  Amazing. She is married to TH (the husband) who is a professional photographer and who fearlessly takes all the right photos while holding the safety net for her.

Eventful Woman is available for hire as a:
She's dived into tropical waters

Please present all invitations, opportunities, speaking engagements and any other attractive ideas via the Contact Form to the right on this website.

Thank you.

Showing off her unique taste in fashion in Iran

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