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My house is the one with window boxes
Eventful Woman was a travel writer (blogger)-in-residence in Zell an der Mosel (Zell), in the Mosel Valley, Germany, from early October to early November 2011.

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I arrived just in time for the Zell new wine festival (Federweissenfest) on 7 – 9 October and ate a huge number of slices of the traditional spicy onion cake (Zwiebelkuchen) that accompanies this new wine.

I stayed in a one-bedroom apartment in My Europe Base, which had wonderful views of the Mosel River and the vineyards.  It is a perfect spot for travelling Kiwis and Aussies who need a base-camp in Europe.

I went on the prowl to meet, interview and tell you about the people and personalities of Zell and what there is to see and do. I've learned about Zell's legendary black cat (Zeller schwarze katz), who helps to sell all of the wine produced in this village. I also met the Queen.

TH (The Husband) and I were invited to a mayoral function so we could help the mayor welcome a boat load of travel agents.

As well as Zell, I visited some other gorgeous historic towns in the Mosel Valley.  Check out Bernkastel-Kues, Beilstein and Trier

Of course, the talented TH was my right-hand-man as my official photographer, chef, bottle opener and tea maker. If that wasn't enough, he also speaks some German.

Why did I choose Zell?
I dreamed about having a base in Europe to write and live the continental life.  My goal was to find an apartment in a historic town, with cobbled streets and darling houses with gables and window boxes.

Zell town centre
It was Zell that found me, rather than the other way around.  I was contacted by Australians Ralph and Olga Jackson, who own the five apartments in a historic house in Zell, which they call My Europe Base.  Ralph liked my writing style and got in touch with me. I liked his house and fell in love with what I saw of Zell on the Internet. In addition, as a New Zealander I love any place with a "Z" in its name so it seemed a match made in heaven. 

Zell (or more correctly Zell an der Mosel) is a vibrant, traditional wine-making town in the heart of Germany's Rhineland. It has only 4,000 people and you too can stay at My Europe Base.  Ralph and Olga offer clean and modern apartments that are close to the town centre.

Imagine waking up with this view of the Mosel River?

Check out Zell's steep vineyards. I sampled a lot of wine from these grapes over several visits to the vineyards. (Just for research purposes, of course). Click here to find out how Zell's wine makers manage their vines on such dizzying slopes.

Find out more about this postcard-pretty place to stay (for both short and long-term) - it is affordable and uber-convenient to cafes, wine cellars, cycle paths and all corners of Europe by road, rail, river and air.

I have communicated several times with owner Ross Jackson and found him to be pleasant, efficient, professional and very accommodating.

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Did you know that Eventful Woman was a writer-in-residence inside a classic Land Rover? She spent a whole year driving around the world in a 1966 Series IIA Land Rover working with TH (the husband) as a photo-journalism team.
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